What is CBC Oil And What is The Benefit?

For those who are already familiar with cannabinoids, have you ever heard about cannabichromene (or CBC for short)? Although you might have already paid attention to the more popular THC and CBD, not a lot of people are in the know with regard to CBC. Discovered more than 50 years ago, CBC is now making very huge waves in the research and applications of cannabinoids in our day to life. Meanwhile, for those who have newly become acquainted with cannabinoids, we would start with a brief introduction into what exactly cannabinoids entail and a few common examples.  

Introduction to Cannabinoids

Times have gone past the point when cannabis was seen as a criminal drug. Even though a vast majority of the population still have this mindset, cannabinoids have somewhat alleviated it. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis flower (of the Cannabis sativa plant). These compounds, upon further research over the years, have been discovered to have plentiful medicinal effects that are just being brought to light. A wide range of symptoms have been alleviated using these cannabinoids, and many more users are still being discovered day after day. Matter of fact, the existence, and discovery of these cannabinoids and their uses have moved some to refer to the cannabis plant as a "miracle plant." These plants work by imitating the effects of some compounds known as endocannabinoids that are produced naturally by the body. These endocannabinoids handle communication between cells, and when a problem occurs, leading to their deficiency, the body begins to exhibit symptoms and physical complications. So far, more than 80 cannabinoids have been discovered to have outstanding medicinal effects. Most of these cannabinoids have unique effects because they bind to different receptors all over the body.

Nevertheless, the medicinal cannabinoids are still being researched in order to understand them more fully. So for enthusiasts of cannabinoids, it would be best to ask your physician what cannabinoid (if any) would be useful in the treatment of your symptoms in order to avoid unwanted effects. But this article is focused on one type of cannabinoid.

What is CBC Oil?

As mentioned earlier, CBC has been discovered for more than 50 years now. Similar to CBN and CBD, it is one of the major cannabinoids being currently researched for their therapeutic purposes. These six cannabinoids could be referred to as the "big six." Although it could be said to be the least popular out of the six, it has shown a lot of promise. Moreover, CBC is derived from the same origin as two other members of the "big six" (THC and CBD). This common origin is known as cannabigerolic acid or CBGA. This cannabigerolic acid is very important because, from it, the precursor to the three cannabinoids are obtained:

  1. Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) for CBD; 
  2. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) for THC; and finally 
  3. Cannabichromene acid (CBCA) which is the precursor to our cannabinoid of interest, CBC.

These precursors function through a process of breakdown and conversion. For instance, in the case of CBC. Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is broken down into three lines (the three precursors) and the CBCA "line" is converted to CBC. This process of conversion requires the presence of heat or ultraviolet light before being completed.

CBC has been found to interact quite well with other cannabinoids. This is useful because unlike THC, its euphoric effects are very little or non-existent. The absence of the euphoric feeling is due to its binding to the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain. But, its binding prowess is not restricted to the CB1 cannabinoid receptors only. The vanilloid receptor 1 (TRPV1) and the transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) are also receptors which CBC shows affinity to. It is noteworthy to mention that both of these receptors (TRPV1 and TRPA1) are both linked to a person` perception of pain. So, the activation of these receptors by CBC would lead to increased production of endocannabinoids by the body. An example of endocannabinoid that is stimulated or released is anandamide.  Regardless of the fact that CBC has shown a significant amount of potential on its own, it has seen to show a synergistic effect when put together with other cannabinoids. This synergistic effect is referred to in scientific terms as the "entourage effect." A wonderful example of the presence of the entourage effect by a cannabinoid is the action of CBN on THC. 

Hence CBC oil is high in demand due to the fact that it has no “high” effect on the user. The CBC oil allows for the user to experience some effect of the plan without the typical or traditional high feeling a full spectrum hemp oil would cause. Although the CBC hemp oil is still being researched, a few significant breakthroughs have been made with regard to its medical effects.

Medicinal Effects of CBC

Although the effects are numerous, we will only be focusing briefly on a few of the more common medicinal effects of CBC hemp oil.

  1. Alleviation of Pain and Inflammation: Pain and inflammation associated with collagen-induced osteoarthritis have been successfully countered or alleviated after use of cannabichromene or CBC. Moreover, CBC is preferred to other traditional drugs for this ailment (NSAIDs) because it does not have the traditional blood thinning side effects. Other cannabinoids have this in common with CBC.
  2. Cancer: CBC after recent research have been discovered to be effective in not only alleviation of inflammation but also inhibition of tumor growth. This is a property it has due to its interaction with anandamide (it also allows it to remain in the bloodstream for longer periods)
  3. Treatment and inhibition of acne (CBC suppresses excessive lipid production)
  4. It is useful in the treatment of depression (antidepressant).

Where can I get CBC Hemp Oil?

Although it might not be as popular as the rest, we deliver the bulk of hemp oil of all sort to interested buyers. So for your CBC hemp oil, you could contact us to make your purchases. All our extracts and concentrations are pure (or as pure as possible).

Always seek medical approval before trying CBC or CBD. Both are still being studied and claims may be invalid as future studies are revealed. Please always speak with a professional.


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