Can CBD help with Cancer?

Over the years, the question going through everyone's mind is how much CBD has helped not just individuals but people with cancer. First of all, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the many cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis plant and over the years, has gained quite a lot of popularity in the medical world for its natural healing and helping benefits. When it comes to its benefits for cancer, more research is being made to know just how far CBD can go for the disease. It is also important to know that CBD is not a psychoactive as it has no tetrahydrocannabinol also know as THC which is the compound in marijuana that tends to make people high or stoned when they take it.

It has also been found out by researches that CBD can help with chronic pain and anxiety, but how exactly can CBD help a cancer patient on treatment?

How CBD Can Help Cancer Patients On Treatment

So many evidence has backed up the fact that CBD can be used for complementary cancer treatment, and here are a few ways it can:

CBD helps in stimulating appetite

People who go through chemotherapy and other types of cancer treatments experience a lot of nausea and appetite loss. This makes it difficult for them to gain weight or maintain the weight they have, but the use of CBD can help stimulate their appetite to eat more 

CBD can act as a Pain relief

Cancer treatments tend to come with a lot of pain, and most times, it is due to the pressure to the organs that come from cancer itself, inflammation, and never injuries. Although opioids might be used for this pain, it can become resistant to them over time, and this makes CBD the right candidate for the job.

Michael says: 

" when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was a terrible time for me, and the pain definitely didn't help. CBD was introduced to me by a friend, and I've been so grateful as now I eat a lot better and makes me respond to treatment as well."

How About CBD For Dogs With Cancer?

Although we have established that CBD in no way cures cancer and is also not some type of miracle drug, it can definitely help your dog with cancer. So if you have a dog with cancer, you understand just how terrible it is and how they might feel and if you want to make them feel a lot better, you might want to consider talking to your vet about it. 

You might be wondering how it helps your dog with cancer. So the thing is that the body tends to go through a lot of pain, seizures, loss of appetite, and so many other systems that come along with cancer. And when it comes to you as an owner with cancer, it can be quite disheartening knowing your dog is going through the pain and difficulty they are in, and you want to make them feel better by all means possible. 

As mentioned above, quite a lot of effects CBD offers can help in fighting the negative symptoms which come with cancer in both humans and in dogs. Some of this include:

  1. Dogs dealing with cancer find it a lot harder to eat, and with CBD, your dog's hunger tends to rebuild, and this is quite important in helping them heal and fight through this disease. They can take both supplements and healthy snacks, which also help them with their fight. 
  2. A lot of pain comes with the tumors from cancer, and these can spread, which is quite terrible for your dog. Although CBD cannot remove the tumor per se, it can help in reducing the growth by limiting the encouragement cancer cells need to grow and survive. If you have a dog with cancer, you would truly understand just how important and how much of a huge step this is. Karen says :

" ever since I began using CBD oil for my little Apolla with cancer, it has helped a great deal, and his tumors haven't increased a bit."

  1. CBD helps in reducing inflammation and all the pains that come with it on body parts. This pain can make your dog uncomfortable, and it just breaks the heart, seeing them that way. 
  2. CBD can help with the extremely scary seizures you have to see your dog go through, and it fights seizures in both dogs and in humans. So if you need help with taking care of the seizures that can come along with cancer, CBD is the one for you. Joan says :

"watching little max go through the seizures I had to watch him go through was undeniably heart wrenching and I feel a lot better now because CBD has helped him a lot in both his appetite and seizures. I'm so glad I found out about it."

You can talk to your vet about it and let him know what you've researched, and the thing is that he might be aware of ghetto benefits CBD oil has to offer fogs with cancer  although it isn't a cure, it goes a long way in helping, and that is a lot more than you can imagine  

What Are The Best CBD Oils?

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There is still not extensive studies on what CBD really can do for cancer. We always recommend speaking with a professional before considering trying something like CBD.

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