How to make a CBD oil tincture


Are you making CBD oil tinctures? Why the heck not?! How much are you spending on tinctures right now? Let me guess $50-100 dollars per 30ml? Come on! You work hard for your money. With this easy to follow guide, I will show you how to save hundreds.

Let's first look at the math. 1ml is roughly 800mg of 86% CBD. Now, you are spending $64.00 if you were to buy from IngniteCBD. This $64.00 tincture only has 1.2ml of CBD! You are losing about 4x your money! The best financial advisors will tell you the best investment you can make is to save money. Why? It is an instant 4x return without putting in any effort or risk! 

How do I save money on CBD?

Don't worry I know.. I know. You just found out you are losing a lot of money. Don't worry I have a solution. Buy pure CBD distillate by the ml or liter. The reason to buy a liter is if you plan to sell your creations. For this article, I will dull it down to just 1ml of CBD. If you wish to make more tinctures just increase the proportions respectively.

1ml of CBD oil is only $15.00! That is right. You can save a ton just by buying direct oil and creating your own tinctures. Now, enough of me being your financial advisor. Let's get into the fun part.

You may also buy Isolate by the gram. It is the same method. Follow the same directions.

The Maximum Mix Method

Step 1:

Remember this method and share it with your friends. It is my secret and gift to you. This method will only take about 10 minutes! For this method to work all you need is:

  • 1ml of CBD Distillate
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil. (other oils work but we keep it natural).
  • A funnel 
  • A tincture

That is it! Feel free to add any other ingredients to spice it up.

Also, note that you may dilute it as necessary. Or strengthen it. This will make you just under 30ml with 800mg of CBD.

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Step 2:

Add the coconut oil into a pot. Turn on the stove to low and bring the coconut oil to a melting point. 

Step 3:

Add the Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) to the pot.

Step 4:

Mix the oils together until they blend nicely. Then using the funnel, pour it into your tincture.

Your CBD tincture is complete

Wow! Who know it was that easy. Honestly, I was shocked when I learned this. It saves so much money. I also love the fact that I can get creative and add my own flavors. Maybe I will even add cacao powder and make some next-level dark chocolate? Now that's an idea.

Other ways to make CBD oil?

Don't even try the method of putting your precious buds into a cup of water. I will tell you now this method is trash. Just buy distillate or isolate. If you have buds or hemp, get someone to extract the oil properly. If you want to do a DYI method of extraction and add unique flavors I really recommend Levo. These are a bit expensive. So I always return to just buying wholesale CBD. This is the cheapest method I have found.

Where to buy wholesale CBD?

At Bulk Supply CBD We openly display our wholesale prices because people simply cannot compete with us. We are the growers. There is no middle man. We sell direct to consumer - saving our clients tons of money. Our product is high-grade organic hemp - Cultivated in North America, not overseas. Legally extracted in approved labs with the highest standards in the marketplace. Each batch is third party tested and results are available online.



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